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U.S. News & World Report: Private Trading Shouldn’t Lead to Public Losses

Taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for risks taken by traders By Robert A.G. Monks, Corporate Governance Adviser July 18, 2013 Robert A.G. Monks is a pioneering shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser and the author of “Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investors, Drone CEOs, and the Corporate Capture of the American Dream” and eight other books. A lot […]

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Regulatory hurdles close doors of retail investor voting platform Moxy Vote

By Michelle Lamb — Senior Research Associate July 31 will be the last day of business for Moxy Vote, the online voting platform designed to help individual “retail” investors vote their shares. It was intended to level the playing field in the game of proxy voting – giving the small shareholder a quick, free means […]

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“Dude, I owe you big time”: $450M Fine for Barclays for Doing its Job

By Paul Hodgson – CCO and Senior Research Associate We are facing yet more revelations that banks are out to make money. Barclays Bank, and what sounds like every single other major global bank, has been manipulating LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate) either to give the impression that the bank was stronger than it […]

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SEC Issues Compensation Consultant Rules

By Paul Hodgson – CCO and Senior Research Associate Yesterday, the SEC announced new rules governing the use of compensation advisers and the independence and role of the compensation committee of the board. Falling short of mandating the complete independence of such advisers by requiring the compensation committee to hire only those advisers that do […]

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Why We Should Not Regulate Proxy Advisory Firms

The Securities and Exchange Commission has invited comments on a wide range of topics concerning the proxy system, with tomorrow the last day to file.  This is my comment on why the Commission should not regulate proxy advisory firms: Comments regarding proxy voting system reform File Number S7-1410 Ladies and Gentlemen of the U.S. Securities […]

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Why the Proposed Rules Would Mean Less (and Less Irrational) Financial Regulation

Thanks to the Consumer Federation of America for this chart. Nell Minow – Editor

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