Investment Managers

The world’s leading investment managers employ GMI Ratings’ comprehensive ESG and AGR® research to analyze issuer risk.  Increasingly, investors understand that non-traditional metrics reflect corporate practices that can materially affect the value and volatility of traded securities. As a result, measures of ESG performance and forensic accounting metrics are steadily becoming part of the overall portfolio construction and management process.

Depending on their unique needs and priorities, investment managers can use our ratings and research to:

  • Adjust for ESG risk in capital asset pricing models
  • Adjust for ESG risk in credit risk models
  • Adjust for risks related to accounting practices and financial reporting transparency
  • Deepen their quality-of-earnings analysis
  • Prepare for analyst calls or meetings with portfolio companies
  • Identify areas for corporate engagement and stewardship
  • Improve their response time to high-impact events that may not be detected by traditional methods
  • Assess portfolio risk based on ESG and AGR criteria
  • Screen a large universe of securities to identify areas of greatest ESG and AGR risk
  • Meet commitments and mandates associated with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Select and de-select stocks based on the Forensic Alpha ModelTM
  • Use the Forensic Alpha Model for risk mitigation and debt de-selection of Fixed Income instruments
  • Develop long-short strategies using the Forensic Alpha Model
  • Create enhanced indices with the Forensic Alpha Model


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