GMI Compliance

GMI Analyst Compliance  is designed for clients who wish to access GMI Ratings’ ESG data and core ESG KeyMetrics® in the simplest possible form and the lowest possible cost.

GMI Analyst Compliance is organized around the 75 most important GMI Ratings ESG KeyMetrics® and a basic set of supporting data for Governance, Environmental, and Social metrics. The new introductory product also includes basic company analysis and a single page of ESG events covering the most recent 12-month period. This product option is available for any subset of our entire ESG coverage universe of more than 6,200 companies worldwide.

Signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) include more than 1,100 investment managers, asset owners, banks and insurance companies, all now formally committed to adding ESG and other non-traditional measures of risk to their decision-making processes. But the adoption of these new standards among mainstream financial decision-makers is still in its early stages, and many PRI signatories have expressed a preference for more intuitive and affordable solutions to help meet their PRI compliance needs. GMI Analyst Compliance was designed specifically to meet this need.

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GMI Compliance