White Papers

GMI Ratings Forensic Alpha Model® GMI Ratings developed the Forensic Alpha Model (FAM) to help investors predict stock returns using forensic accounting and governance-related measures of issuer risk. The FAM has shown a strong out-of-sample ability to predict equity returns globally, across industries, large-cap and small-cap portfolios.  White Papers are available for the four regions:

Forensic Alpha Model – North America
Forensic Alpha Model –  Western Europe
Forensic Alpha Model –  Asia Pacific
Forensic Alpha Model –  Japan

AGR® (Accounting & Governance Risk) Ratings – GMI Ratings’ proprietary Accounting and Governance Risk (AGR®) ratings of more than 20,000 companies worldwide have been shown to be predictive of adverse events such as securities class action litigation, financial restatements, and SEC enforcement actions. In short, aggressive accounting behavior and risky corporate governance practices increase the likelihood of negative events.

AGR Emerging Markets White Paper
AGR 3.0 White Paper