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Status Quo at News Corp

By Paul Hodgson – Chief Research Analyst It was business as usual at News Corp’s annual meeting. CEO and chairman Rupert Murdoch’s claim that shareholders had rejected the call to split the chairman and CEO roles, had supported executive pay at the firm, rejected calls to eliminate the dual share class structure and to introduce simple […]

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Nell Minow Interviews Broc Romanek of The Corporate Counsel

Broc Romanek of the comprehensive, insightful, and influential Corporate Counsel was kind enough to talk to me about his thoughts on “say on pay.”    What have shareholders learned from two years of “Say on Pay?” It obviously will depend on each shareholder but the main lesson is how to manage the enormous logistical nightmare of […]

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Regulatory hurdles close doors of retail investor voting platform Moxy Vote

By Michelle Lamb — Senior Research Associate July 31 will be the last day of business for Moxy Vote, the online voting platform designed to help individual “retail” investors vote their shares. It was intended to level the playing field in the game of proxy voting – giving the small shareholder a quick, free means […]

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Ignoring shareholders’ wishes at Apple

By Paul Hodgson – CCO and Senior Research Associate In an article published on Sunday, the FT reports on CalPERS discontent about having its proposal on majority voting for directors at Apple ignored by the company, despite the fact that it was supported by 73 percent of shareholders at last year’s annual meeting. The article […]

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The “S” in News Corp

By Ric Marshall, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder, GMI Founded in 1979, News Corp is today one of the largest and most powerful and influential media organizations in the world. The company is a truly a study in contrasts, on the one hand an enormous, public corporation with over 50,000 employees worldwide, while on the other […]

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What Shareholders Miss in the LinkedIn and Groupon IPOs

There have been a lot of complaints about the bubble-era pricing of the LinkedIn IPO and the forthcoming one from Groupon, but not enough complaints about the real Achilles' heel in the offering — the insiders are maintaining voting control by issuing stock to the public with lower-voting shares.  My new column on Bnet gives […]

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Voting Proxies in 60 Seconds or Less

My latest Bnet piece is about voting proxies — why it matters and how to do it right.  I explain how you can analyze and vote a proxy in five minutes, or, if you're in a hurry, in just 60 seconds.  

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Three Things John Carney Doesn’t Know About Shareholders

CNBC's John Carney doesn't believe in shareholder democracy.  My latest column for Bnet explains why Carney's views of the rational apathy of shareholders are disingenuous and antiquated.  One might even say irrationally apathetic.  Carney seems to envision the family in Leave It To Beaver sitting around the kitchen table scratching their heads over how to […]

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CNBC’s John Carney Cannot Believe Anyone Would Want Advice on Proxies

On the CNBC website, John Carney has written two separate posts about proxy advisory services.  It's as though he didn't just publish the Chamber of Commerce talking points without editing them; it seems as though he never even read them before he slapped on his by-line.  When did it become permissible for a journalist to […]

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Six directors received support from less than one-third of shareholders

This proxy season has proven to be an interesting one, as there are many more directors who are failing to receive support from a majority of shareholders. Increased scrutiny of directors combined with the elimination of broker voting in uncontested elections means that the proportion of "for" votes is likely to be smaller at most […]

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Director Elections: Majority Withhold Vote at Sterling Bancshares

Over the last few weeks, our wonderful  TCL data analysts have been sending the research team an email every time they process an 8-K with annual meeting voting results which show that a director has failed to receive support from a majority of shareholders.  We have been surprised at how many there are – and […]

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Free Webinar: Director Elections 2010 – A Shareowner’s Guide

Join us on April 28 for a free webinar with The Corporate Library's Chief Analyst and co-founder, Ric Marshall. New SEC proxy disclosure rules and changing director election standards have greatly expanded the ability of shareholders to influence election outcomes for individual corporate directors, but for many investors they have also increased the complexity and […]

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Proxy Voting Guide: Labor Standards

A new proxy voting guide from The Corporate Library suggests poor labor standards can give rise to potential investment risk, so investors should consider carefully how to vote on labor standards resolutions. The guide was released to assist investors, especially signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), in evaluating labor standards […]

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Director leaves Herley Industries board after receiving majority withhold vote

The faster reporting of the results of director elections is proving to be very interesting – we no longer have to wait until the summer to watch the drama of majority withhold and against votes unfold.  The elimination of broker voting in uncontested elections means that the proportion of "for" votes is likely to be […]

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SEC Votes to Change NYSE Broker Vote Rule: It’s About Time

In an open meeting yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission voted to approve a change to the New York Stock Exchange’s rule that had permitted brokers holding shares in “street name” for their customers to vote those shares themselves in uncontested corporate director elections if the customers did not vote by 10 days before the […]

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Mutual Fund Proxy Voting: Suggestions For Future Research

Last month, The Corporate Library, together with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Shareowner Education Network, released a study, "Compensation Accomplices",which found that 26 large mutual fund families, as a group, became more supportive of management positions on pay despite the growing consensus that executive pay is often excessive and has become […]

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