GMI Ratings data helps public companies reliably benchmark and manage ESG and financial reporting risk.  Based on the more thorough understanding of non-traditional risk factors related to their ESG performance and financial reporting, issuers can improve their investor relations, public relations, executive compensation, and communications between the management team and the board of directors.

Specifically, our research can help companies:

  • Lower cost of capital
  • Attract investors
  • Achieved desired outcomes in M&A transactions
  • Reduce D&O premiums
  • Reduce the chance of being targeted by activist shareholders
  • Recruit and retain high-quality directors
  • Increase market trust in reported earnings
  • Achieve compliance with global extra-financial reporting standards
  • Achieve and sustain full and fair valuation

With a GMI Analyst peer-group subscription, corporations can select a peer-group of up to 24 companies from our database to facilitate benchmarking, competitive analysis and decisions about executive compensation.


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